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Employee Search: Screening the Right Ones

Putting up a business, regardless of what industry it may belong to, is one tall order, as time, energy, and money are invested significantly. To avoid having all of these go to waste, business owners need to hire the right set of people who can align with their goals to create a productive environment. If […]

How to Pick Among Potential Employees

If you’re a company manager searching for new employees, count yourself lucky. There are a lot of people seeking jobs right now who will go through lengths just to get accepted. However, as an employer, naturally, you want to pick the best from the bunch. Here are a few helpful tips on screening applicants:

“We’d Like to Talk to you about a former employee…”

Say you are close to approving a very promising recruit into your company’s ranks. Your employment screening service finds that the pedigrees do check out – a good education, a wealth of experience, and an array of marketable skills. Seems that you have a model employee in the making? Too early to tell, but if […]

Why is Employment History so Important?

This question is asked primarily to employers, but employees would also benefit if they too knew the answer. Technically speaking, a person’s work history is required only to verify if an applicant really has the experience necessary for the position. Moreover, employers typically look for people with relevant skills because having them implies less time […]

Benefits of Employee Screening

Nothing can be worse in a business than unknowingly hiring a sex offender or a thief, especially if it could have been prevented. To know if the person that you are hiring would be good for your company, you need to do some employment screening.