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Naughty or Nice: On Searching for Public Records

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Good Public Records Search Protects Companies from Unreliable Workers

“Even if trucking business owners did not have prior knowledge about an employee’s previous brushes with the law, they can still be held liable for a road accident under employer negligence policies or under vicarious liability type circumstances too. Any company who hires a worker for driving duties is obligated to ensure that the said […]

The Importance of Searching Public Records

Ever since the Edward Snowden scandal, Americans have been paranoid about whether the government is invading their right to privacy. However, access to certain information, such as public records, is an important right employers have. By definition, public records are information about a certain person that do not contain private material. Any organization in the […]

So Many Court Records, So Little Time

How long does a case record stay available to the public? You can probably say it lasts for years, but don’t count on a fixed number. Some court records remain permanent in their original form (mostly referring to paper files), others are transferred to the database, while a select few are purged from the inventory. […]