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Background Search on Convicted Felon Applicants

The penal system is heavily populated with convicted felons who have rap sheets of various “lengths.” The nature of the offenses may see them get out of the bars for good behavior or even a technicality – some offenses are enough to net them life terms or worse. When such a person comes to your […]

Public Records Search Protects Employers from Potential Liability

Given the wave of crimes against children in school within the past several years, recent efforts in Delaware to curb and prevent these incidents are nothing short of timely. NewsWorks reporter Nichelle Polston reports on the formation of the multidisciplinary Delaware Criminal Background and Child Protection Registry Checks Task Force. It seeks to further strengthen […]

Top Sites for Doing a Public Search

A public record search can help human resource departments in verifying candidates’ qualifications, as well as deciding accordingly whether to hire them or not. As such, databases that allow free access to critical information are patronized by organizations. If you want to equip your own staffing team with the advantage that this kind of supplementary […]

Benefits of Getting Public Record Search Services

The digital age is a great time for everyone to be involved due to the fact that various kinds of information can be easily accessed with a push of a button. However, the digital age has also made it possible for various individuals to irresponsibly fabricate and modify information and spread it all across the […]

The Importance of Searching Public Records

Ever since the Edward Snowden scandal, Americans have been paranoid about whether the government is invading their right to privacy. However, access to certain information, such as public records, is an important right employers have. By definition, public records are information about a certain person that do not contain private material. Any organization in the […]

Underlining your Right to Know with a Thorough Public Records Search

One of the most important assets of any company proficient in the compiling of public records for legal purposes is that they are well-versed in state or federal laws. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), allows for the release of public material concerning various individuals or organizations of interest. An outfit seeking to compile relevant […]