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Employment Background Screening Helps Companies Nab Good Employees

“Looking into a candidate’s criminal record history is also an important aspect of background screening. However, laws regulating criminal record checks vary from state to state, and any violation of these laws, whether knowingly or unknowingly, can make an employer legally liable too. To ensure that the appropriate protocols are followed when conducting background checks, […]

Why Employment Background Checks are Important

Professionals working for the HR department of any company know the tediousness that comes with checking every single applicant’s curriculum vitae. They also know that a resume containing impressive information and accolades comes along every now and then. Naturally, companies will approach a decorated applicant and try to snag him or her into the company’s […]

“We’d Like to Talk to you about a former employee…”

Say you are close to approving a very promising recruit into your company’s ranks. Your employment screening service finds that the pedigrees do check out – a good education, a wealth of experience, and an array of marketable skills. Seems that you have a model employee in the making? Too early to tell, but if […]

The Truth About Background Checks

When a prospective employer says they’ll run a background check before hiring you, it might seem like a scene from George Orwell’s 1984. Certainly, the idea that one entity has profiled you and knows everything about your history might seem a bit unsettling. Before you utter allegations that “Big Brother” is watching, here are a […]

The Benefits of a Personal Background Check

In theory, nobody knows you better than yourself; being fully aware of your circumstances makes you the ultimate resource for anything about your identity. Yet there are instances when other people or corporate entities might know hidden details about you. Whether it’s because you’ve forgotten about some items in your past, or perhaps some records […]