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Top Sites for Doing a Public Search

A public record search can help human resource departments in verifying candidates’ qualifications, as well as deciding accordingly whether to hire them or not. As such, databases that allow free access to critical information are patronized by organizations.

If you want to equip your own staffing team with the advantage that this kind of supplementary research can bring, the following platforms can be of help:

Google. As the most frequently used search engine in the world, Google can treat us to a wide range of information on any given topic – including essential background details on job applicants. With a few tweaks of its functions such as News Alerts, Reverse Lookup, and Cheat Sheet, you can pull extensive data that can help you consider your candidate better.

VitalRec. This website lists birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other records according to states. This will help your business streamline your factual investigation, as well as limit the scope of the results to improve their accuracy. Furthermore, it has an international section that your HR team can use to fortify their research methods. Signing up is also free, although it charges fees for specialized document searches.

To harness the benefits of these websites, a professional will be of tremendous value. Such a person is trained to use the platforms and make sure that they are generating the data your business needs.


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