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Why Employment Background Checks are Important

Professionals working for the HR department of any company know the tediousness that comes with checking every single applicant’s curriculum vitae. They also know that a resume containing impressive information and accolades comes along every now and then. Naturally, companies will approach a decorated applicant and try to snag him or her into the company’s workforce.

These same professionals also know that the possibility of fabricated information to increase a resume’s appeal is also real. It is due to this that a thorough background check is necessary. There are several reasons why a thorough screening is needed.

A good character check allows the company to save time, money, manpower and reputation. One of the most famous stories of resume fraud is the short love affair between Janet Cooke and the Washington Post. Her resume contained fraudulent information, and caused the publication trouble when her Pulitzer-winning story was found to be false.

A thorough background check can also help the company find out if the potential employee is bound to bring them happiness or suffering. Applicants will always want to put their best foot forward, so any history of theft, violent behavior and drug use will not appear on their resumes.

Companies will always want to hire the best applicant, and a background check will help them sift through the rubble and find the real gem.


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