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How to Pick Among Potential Employees

If you’re a company manager searching for new employees, count yourself lucky. There are a lot of people seeking jobs right now who will go through lengths just to get accepted. However, as an employer, naturally, you want to pick the best from the bunch. Here are a few helpful tips on screening applicants:

Pre-employment tests

Apart from viewing CVs, you may also design a test for potential employees. Each test may differ depending on the nature of your company. Think of creating standardized tests for applicants before they get to the actual interview. This method helps “weed out” those who lack the abilities and qualifications needed for the job.

How to design the right pre-employment test

  • Ensure that the test is in line with your company’s mission

  • Avoid asking about overly personal matters

  • Conduct research to know what test questions other companies are coming up with

  • See to it that all tests are in accordance with EEO laws

Employers can increase their likelihood of getting people qualified for a job by administering the test properly. These tests should be designed in a way that they help you pick out only the best to work for you. It is also advantageous to hire experts who specialize in human resource management. There are companies, for example, that have an employee screening service to help you get the best candidates.


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