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Ban Proposed on Credit Checks for Employment Background Screening

“In a country where the majority of the workforce has been affected by the financial crisis, a bad credit report may no longer be considered as a valid basis for a company not to hire competent applicants, with this proposed law. Therefore, companies should take great care in making sure that their assessments of a […]

The Cold Truth: The Importance of Conducting a Public Records Search

“The illustrated article from CBS News should serve as a reminder for businesses in all industries, particularly when it comes to hiring new employees. One of the most crucial steps of finding out the truth about the people applying for a position in your company is through a comprehensive public records search, but also verifying […]

Benefits of Getting Public Record Search Services

The digital age is a great time for everyone to be involved due to the fact that various kinds of information can be easily accessed with a push of a button. However, the digital age has also made it possible for various individuals to irresponsibly fabricate and modify information and spread it all across the […]

How to Pick Among Potential Employees

If you’re a company manager searching for new employees, count yourself lucky. There are a lot of people seeking jobs right now who will go through lengths just to get accepted. However, as an employer, naturally, you want to pick the best from the bunch. Here are a few helpful tips on screening applicants: