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“We’d Like to Talk to you about a former employee…”

Say you are close to approving a very promising recruit into your company’s ranks. Your employment screening service finds that the pedigrees do check out – a good education, a wealth of experience, and an array of marketable skills. Seems that you have a model employee in the making? Too early to tell, but if things seem too good to be true, you can still talk to their previous employer. There are no federal laws that prohibit company-to-company communications on ex-employees, but it’s not too late to look back.

For instance, the old company is legally obligated to share its thoughts to the new company about their new hire. The firm can talk about the ex-employee’s work ethic, attendance record, and character on the floor, among others, without disclosing any sensitive internal details. In certain cases, the reason behind the employee’s departure and whether the old company can consider taking him back in the future can be discussed.

However, an employment screening service may still not take the former employer at their word. They should attest that the information is accurate lest they be accused of disparagement. Some situations may even be the result of the former company making it a point to ensure nobody will accept their old employee.


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