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The Importance of Searching Public Records

Ever since the Edward Snowden scandal, Americans have been paranoid about whether the government is invading their right to privacy. However, access to certain information, such as public records, is an important right employers have. By definition, public records are information about a certain person that do not contain private material. Any organization in the […]

Weeding the Wheat from the Chaff with Employment Background Screening

The recent federal shutdown and lower unemployment forecasts are among things that many employers would not want to take chances with. In a time when the firms themselves want to get back on track after a rough patch, a promising candidate who turns out to be a dud is the last thing they need. As […]

“We’d Like to Talk to you about a former employee…”

Say you are close to approving a very promising recruit into your company’s ranks. Your employment screening service finds that the pedigrees do check out – a good education, a wealth of experience, and an array of marketable skills. Seems that you have a model employee in the making? Too early to tell, but if […]

Underlining your Right to Know with a Thorough Public Records Search

One of the most important assets of any company proficient in the compiling of public records for legal purposes is that they are well-versed in state or federal laws. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), allows for the release of public material concerning various individuals or organizations of interest. An outfit seeking to compile relevant […]