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Why is Employment History so Important?

This question is asked primarily to employers, but employees would also benefit if they too knew the answer. Technically speaking, a person’s work history is required only to verify if an applicant really has the experience necessary for the position. Moreover, employers typically look for people with relevant skills because having them implies less time needed for training and improvement.

A person’s employment history also speaks volumes about his or her work ethic and attitude, since evidence of unprofessional behavior are often marked by past employers. This can go as far back as the time spent as an intern. People with an existing criminal record should be honest about their previous felonies because hiding this information can jeopardize their chances of getting hired.

One of the most important pieces of information that can be taken from a person’s work history is his or her reasons for leaving previous companies. This can reveal one’s expectations for the new job and allow employers to screen people who left their work due to questionable reasons. Moreover, this is a good way to see if an applicant has the potential to stay long in a position. Businesses should be wary of hiring people with a history of tardiness or those who abandoned their posts without leave.


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