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So Many Court Records, So Little Time

How long does a case record stay available to the public? You can probably say it lasts for years, but don’t count on a fixed number. Some court records remain permanent in their original form (mostly referring to paper files), others are transferred to the database, while a select few are purged from the inventory. […]

Run a Safe Business with Comprehensive Employment Background Screening

Hiring the wrong kind of people is always bad for business, and ending up with a possibly dangerous individual risks both a company’s owner and its clients. It pays to have an efficient method of screening all employees to avoid any potential tragedies. Businesses that want to ensure safety and security should coordinate with an […]

How a Voluntary Public Records Search Can Benefit an Aspiring Teacher

To put things into perspective, keep in mind that some states suspend the teaching license of teachers who are found guilty of sexual offenses; other states may go as far as firing such employees immediately. Should this bill get the thumbs-up from the Senate, companies that offer public records search services, such as the Accu-Facts […]

Why is Employment History so Important?

This question is asked primarily to employers, but employees would also benefit if they too knew the answer. Technically speaking, a person’s work history is required only to verify if an applicant really has the experience necessary for the position. Moreover, employers typically look for people with relevant skills because having them implies less time […]

Company Look-See: Employers and Background Checks

Applying for a post within a company can be a long and arduous process, but it’s necessary to ensure that employers only choose the right people. It usually boils down to how much an applicant can be trusted, and it all starts with one’s resume. This paper should contain all the relevant personal information an […]