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Employment Background Screening Will Help Ensure Employees Are Qualified

Dongguk University filed a huge suit against Yale, but the courts sided against them, citing that there was no malicious intent in the oversight. This one person incident has proven expensive for the Korean school, losing millions that would have been used for expansion. More importantly, the administration experienced extreme embarrassment and lost prestige in […]

Check Your Employees’ Background with a Free National Public Records Search Offer

We at the Accu-Facts Company say “online” because searching through multiple court files for criminal records is overly tedious. Let us take the records to you with an online database, plus something good for the first-time clients. Subscribe now and try our public record search service for seven (7) days, a service normally worth $250, […]

The Truth About Background Checks

When a prospective employer says they’ll run a background check before hiring you, it might seem like a scene from George Orwell’s 1984. Certainly, the idea that one entity has profiled you and knows everything about your history might seem a bit unsettling. Before you utter allegations that “Big Brother” is watching, here are a […]

Safekeeping Birth Certificates to Avoid Hassles

Birth certificates are one of the most important public records in the country. For every child born in a state, the government requires a birth certificate to be made. Not only does it help track the population size, it also contains vital details such as a child’s name, the date and place of birth, and […]

Search Public Records to Screen Prospective Employees Thoroughly

hiring them, this is actually quite difficult to do in practice. In fact, many organizations don’t act upon some of the information they get directly from their prospective employees, according to Security Management. There is a greater call to use other sources, like social media, to find out more about an applicant, but this practice […]

Employment Background Screening Provider Rebrands Company Name

Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania (September 2, 2013) – Accu-Fax Services, an established company that has provided employment background screening services since 1986, is rebranding its name to The Accu-Facts Company. The name change is part of their efforts to better convey the professional services they offer. Aside from a new name, they also have a new logo […]