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Employee Screening: Removing the Good from the Bad

In cases where employees commit crimes against other employees, there is a good chance that part of the blame can be directed at the employer. After all, it’s the employer’s duty to see if any job application has a predisposition for violence or antisocial behavior that can disrupt operations and workplace harmony. Thus, it is only right for any institution or company to enforce a rigorous screening process to distinguish desirable workers from potential troublemakers.

Most screening processes involve looking into public records that detail the person’s prior work experience. This enables employers to see if an applicant is indeed qualified for the position he or she is applying for, as well as to know of any existing health conditions that can prove to be fatal at work. Checking records also allows the employer to see whether the applicant has a background of drug use, fraud, and other illegal activities.

Obtaining these details directly may prove difficult in some cases, which is why employment screening companies exist. These specialists can access any available public record online, thus saving the company’s human resources department a lot of time. If the company or institution wants more information, the screening company may even hire a private investigator for the job.


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