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Benefits of Employee Screening

Nothing can be worse in a business than unknowingly hiring a sex offender or a thief, especially if it could have been prevented. To know if the person that you are hiring would be good for your company, you need to do some employment screening. Advertisements

Employment Background Checks: Now a Necessity

Job applicants are often asked to submit themselves to background checks. For some jobs, these are required by federal law. The huge emphasis on security and safety these days has significantly increased the number of background checks conducted.

Employee Screening: Removing the Good from the Bad

In cases where employees commit crimes against other employees, there is a good chance that part of the blame can be directed at the employer. After all, it’s the employer’s duty to see if any job application has a predisposition for violence or antisocial behavior that can disrupt operations and workplace harmony. Thus, it is […]

The Benefits of a Personal Background Check

In theory, nobody knows you better than yourself; being fully aware of your circumstances makes you the ultimate resource for anything about your identity. Yet there are instances when other people or corporate entities might know hidden details about you. Whether it’s because you’ve forgotten about some items in your past, or perhaps some records […]